Welcome to the Canadian Ham Website. We are developing a community of Canadian Amateur Radio Operators and invite all licensed Canadians to participate.

This site is host to the Canadian Amateur Radio Emergency Services (C.A.R.E.S.) network on which the only Canada-Wide Echolink conference is served. You will find it in your Echolink conference list as *CANADA* or via DTMF as node# 834363. The Allstarlink Canada-Wide HUB is bridged to Echolink 24/7. Access it via node number is 46048.

The C.A.R.E.S. network is dedicated to providing seamless voice communication between amateurs using any type of communication technology in the event of an emergency. Echolink is currently used as the driving force because of it’s built in capability to utilize a multitude of simple connection devices. Other technologies are rapidly catching up. Those technologies are being integrated here as is possible.


XLX044 D-Star multi-mode reflector is now online

This network is continually being assessed for quality, availability, and reliability through the use of various ‘nets’ and general communication between hams. Therefore, we encourage you or your friends to use the system as much as possible.


This is an English language network.

You will not be bothered by connect or disconnect messages any time of the day or night. As a result, hams can come as they wish without those pesky announcements bothering the whole network.

You may remain connected for as long as you wish.

You may join in on any net that is being online.

You may start your own net with any topic you choose.

You can DX across the country without access to an HF rig at your QTH.

and, of course…  the sending or answering of any distress call is paramount over any other activity.

A calendar of Nets is provided on this site for all to view publicly.

The servers are massive. Each capable of over 576,000 concurrent voice connections (many times the total number of licensed hams across Canada) so there is, for practical purposes, no limit to the quantity of stations that may be logged in to the HUB at any one time.

There are other network services are available for free to Canadian hams. Shells, VPNs, email, webserver, proxy, and more… Ask if you need something specific and don’t see it posted.

Everything is privately funded with help from the Canadian government. “Canadianham” is a Not For Profit entity.

Please use the contact form to request your login credentials or register yourself here for elevated website access.  A valid email address and license is needed to receive your credentials.

Unlicensed hams have not been forgotten. To help promote the hobby, anyone studying to be a Canadian Amateur may still receive access to the website. A current member who is also a licensed ham, or a club, may vouch for that individual. Please note that reference material is available within the site for study aids.


From site administrator (VE3GOB), and on behalf of all the other members.

(updated: June-17-2019)

This website is getting an overhaul. No new members or clubs are being accepted for the moment. The new site should be ready by  the end of June 2019.

If you have any photos that you wish us to consider for the new design please contact us using the contact form.