Support for canadianham is available.

There are two separate support types available when it comes to issues at canadianham:

  1. User Support,
  2. Admin Support.

In either case the standard contact form is used.

If a manager or control operator is unable to solve an issue then it will be escalated to a support manager who can assign a technician or team to help resolve the issue at a later time.

Once resolved, every effort should be made by the support specialist to document what and how the issue was corrected.

Support for your own node is also available.

Remote access with root or sudo privileges is required for an external station requesting help. A remote terminal connection should be made via SSH on a non-non standard port for best security and privacy. So be sure you have an active SSH server running properly. The station requesting help will receive “before and after” conf files explaining what the issue was so that you may refer to them to learn from and use as backup configs.

Properly configuring an Echolink node takes about 3 minutes. A little more time is required to set up crons if needed.

Configuring an Allstar node from scratch takes about 1/2 hour.