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The creator of Echolink has placed this information and safe download source on the WWW. It is run mostly on Windows® PC machines, Android® or Apple® mobile devices. It is the only software for hams that allows you to use your PC microphone and speakers, or a cellphone, or tablet to speak with other hams all over the globe. Actually, NASA has their own echolink conference server on the ground and node radio in space so you can talk to the astronauts while in orbit and listen to missions live, I have.


SvxLink is a project that develops software targeting the ham radio community. It started out as an EchoLink application for Linux back in 2003 but have now evolved to be something much more advanced.

Qtel is the name of the linux stand alone client.

SvxLink Server is the name of (you guessed it) the server for linux which can be attached to a transceiver.

Allstar Link®

This is very popular software with RF node owners as it allows connections to both echolink and Allstar systems built right in now. It is a fork of Asterisk, the very popular VOIP software. It is safe and free. Asterisk was frozen in time so that it could be modified to remain applicable to ham radio. If this is your chosen method of accessing the network then, for simplicity, use the Allstar link software available from their website for a complete Linux installation from scratch. NOT the Asterisk software in your linux distro repositories for a ham radio setup. The Allstarlink® software development team are also hams. It is not well documented, and much more involved to set up properly. It is the preferred software for Linux machines. Don’t worry we’ll help you get this setup in a few minutes if done from scratch. Much, much longer if you chose your distros repository version instead.


EchoIRLP is an installable script that allows a current IRLP node to also use Echolink. It is very popular too. I have never configured it nor any IRLP nodes since the proprietary equipment cannot be installed in our data centers. Seems pretty straight forward though from what I have read in the instructions. IRLP is very old, it is limited to RF use only, and you must buy the proprietary hardware. No bells and whistles. IRLP systems may be listed here provided there is an entry point from Echolink such as EchoIRLP.

CQINet’s “TheBridge”®

TheBridge is the leader of the pack when it comes to running an Echolink conference server. It runs on Windows or Linux. It isn’t well documented for beginners. However, it is very easy to set up. We can help you get going in a few minutes. You would also have to deploy TheLinkBox to attach a transceiver to it but be ready to put on your thinking cap. It’s easiest to use allstarlink for transceiver setups.