Q. Who is it for?

A. Licensed Canadian Amateur Radio Operators.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Nothing. It is a funded Not-For-Profit resource for Canadian Amateur Radio operators.

Q. What’s the catch?

A. There is none. No spam, nothing.

Q. Can I donate money?

A. No. Maybe someday, but generally, for the foreseeable future, Canadianham doesn’t want your money. We do need volunteers to help in some capacity, we can find any position to suit you, big or small. Please use the contact form if you’re interested.

Q. Why do I need to be validated?

You don’t. Not to read the public information. However, canadianham.org is an important step towards ensuring that validated licensed amateurs can interact safely with other valid amateurs. Canadianham is different from most other sites which allow fake ham accounts to be created by only verifying that the user has a valid email address. Having a valid email address does not mean you are a licensed ham. If you wish to interact with the other members on the site or access the Canadian only swap shop, etc then you will need to be validated as a legitimate ham. There are several ways which can get you validated here. It just makes sense and it’s painless.

Q. I am concerned about my privacy when I get validated.

A. Don’t be. All information is kept strictly confidential. There’s no financial information asked so nothing to worry about on that topic. Nothing notable about you which is not publicly available already is required and additionally, members can tweak their personal privacy settings to specify what information they wish to share. Your email address is only needed by the server to supply you with your login credentials and so we can report any abuse to you that may be associated with your account so don’t give out your password and you’ll never hear from us unless you forget your password or ask for us to help you via email only.

Q. Do you sell anything?

A. No.

NOTE: Everybody using the swap-shop has had to prove they are a real ham just like you. Which should be reassuring. Lessening the opportunity for fraudsters to interact with you on that level. The ‘Swap-Shop’ is for VALIDATED AND VERIFIED Canadians only and pertains to items being listed as available within Canada only by private individuals.

Q. Tell me about the Canadianham Echolink conference

A. You may find it on your echolink application by looking for *CANADA* in the listings, or by using your repaters echolink dialing¬† prefix, then DTMF 834363. Consult your local hams or repeater admins if you are unsure how to activate an Echolink conference on you local repeater. Use of Canada’s Conference is open to all licensed amateurs. A great feature of using a conference to handle your connections, instead of your own internet connection, is to provide a higher user capacity than a lone system is capable of. It works like this, You inform your users to connect to *CANADA* instead of you directly. You would also connect your machine or application to the server at the required time, now all your connections will be funnelled down to your machine using only one simple connection. Thus greatly reducing your bandwidth limitations and data costs. *CANADA* servers can accommodate over 1/2 million simultaneous connections before beginning to break a sweat. Think about it, that’s over 24 times the current total of all licensed hams in Canada. It certainly isn’t congested and remains quiet for most of the time. It’s still considered Canada’s little secret, our only advertising is by word of mouth so if you want to hear more activity then it is up to you to invite others.

Q. Who may conduct a net on *CANADA*?

Any licensed Canadian amateur radio operator may connect to *CANADA* and conduct a net. Most repeaters are limited by their internet upload speed and can only support a small limited number of VOIP connections (4-6 on average). That low number runs out very quickly and listeners on that machine would never know it that some is trying to connect and has been unable to connect. *CANADA* alleviates those bandwidth restrictions. *CANADA* now does all the heavy lifting you require.

**NOTE: Non-Canadians may conduct a net under some circumstances and should contact an admin prior.

The DTMF node numbers that RF stations need to access *CANADA* are: Echolink CONF: 834363.  Note: The allstarlink HUB 46048 is activated but but not cross linked as of yet. Development of the cross-link is close to completion and planned for use in the near future.

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