General Rules for all stations:

  1. English Only.
  2. No connection telemetry audio is permitted to be passed into the network. (see e:)
  3. ‘Roger Beeps’, courtesy tones are frowned upon. (see a:)
  4. No generated station IDs (Morse or voice) must pass to the network. (see b:)
  5. Permanent connections are permitted.
  6. Hit and runs must be allowed. (see c:)
  7. Do not interfere with Scheduled Nets.
  8. No ‘Unauthorized’ multi-conferencing. (see d:)

a: Beeps can cause infinite looping of VOX operated nodes. If a problem presents itself the offending station will be muted permanently until an email is sent stating that the issue has been resolved. Also it’s just rude to force your local beep on every other connected station. You have been warned. If you have an emergency don’t let a little beep stop you from getting help.

b: It is illegal for a station to cause a remote station to broadcast the incorrect ID. You must only broadcast your ID or sponsor ID within the RF range of your machine.

c: Turn off local telemetry to keep your local machine silent if dis/connection announcments are an annoyance. Contact admin if you need help to accomplish this.

d: Multi conferencing can be permitted for a wide variety of reasons under a non interference agreement. Please ask admin (VE3GOB) first.

e: Improperly configured Allstar/Asterisk machines are probably the worst offender for this. Help is available from here to fix any telemetry problems on any type of system. If you have ever heard those “Connected to.. or ..Disconnected” messages then you know exactly what this major annoyance is. If you must have it on your local machine please don’t impose that on us all. Let us individually decide if we wish to turn it on locally.